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1 AN EMERGENCY CLIMATE CHANGE infrastructure and living wage jobs policy.

Across lands, waterways, roads and airways we can create a rural-to-national network of efficient eco-friendly and truly sustainable-renewable energy infrastructure systems through a mass federal jobs project to be called Century22. A national minimum wage of $25 per hour is paid to every Century22 worker as a sustainable GDP stimulus across the American economy. This ensures that this national living wage jobs project equitably engages workers in all rural-to-urban counties. A national renewable energy network of rural-to-city high-speed monorail trains will finally bring us into 21st century efficient eco-friendly transit reality. No need to travel to Europe or Asia — nor wait until the 22nd century — to commute on futuristic, fiscally renewable and competently managed energy efficient public transportation. Yes, we have and can still do better than just Amtrak. There's no lasting profit in self-destruction from shortsighted environmental policies.


2 AUTHENTIC FULL EQUAL PAY for a sustainable living wage national economy.
Set a new national economic policy that is fully focused on creating skilled living wage jobs that are fully sustainable and transferable over at least 30 years of a person's work life. The SEEDS (Sustainable Exponential Economic Development Strategies) policy targets diverse industries and businesses that provide upgradeable occupational skills by granting multi-level federal tax breaks. Businesses are audited and publicly listed twice a year for all certified skills, apprenticeship training, and authenticated job creation results.


3 A NATIONAL $40 PER HOUR MINIMUM WAGE for tax-free BasicTeacher'sPay.
A Basic Teacher's Pay federally funded policy requires all public school educators to earn no less than $40 an hour for a minimum 8-hour teaching day. BTP mandates that all public school educators — as a strategic element in U.S. economic security — never pay any taxes on that minimum wage, nor pay for school supplies. Amazon becomes a primary supply chain to service each public school teacher with a federally funded $2K annual school supplies purchasing credit. BTP is a dual purpose policy to strengthen our GDP from a larger and more diverse educated populace, and by improving the local-to-national spending power of a highly essential occupational segment: our public school teachers.


4 EXPANDED FEDERAL TAX BENEFITS for every low-to-middle income taxpayer.
Propose a comprehensive no-deductions Graduated Taxation Rate that is authentically fair and a fiscally responsible tax policy that is equitable for every American at all income levels. GTR will begin at 2% for annual incomes over $40K a year, 20% for incomes over $400K, then 40% for annual incomes over $40M, and 80% for incomes over $100M. Deductions are not provided for incomes over $40M. All individuals earning less than $40K a year pay just 1% in federal taxes. Single and coupled parents receive a $300 refund each month for a dependent or adopted child under the age of 20, or a $400 monthly refund for severely impaired dependents under the age of 30. A Graduated Taxation Rate increases the flow of more money back into the arteries of our economy through consumer spending. Most important, GTR provides a more fiscally equitable support system for hard working taxpayers that are already and regularly paying into our tax revenue system. There's not one dollar of doubt — every American taxpayer and taxpaying consumer is also an actual investor that secures and sustains our economy. Americans with living wage money to spend is an investment in America's growth.


5 NO-COST HIGH QUALITY HEALTHCARE choices for every U.S. citizen.
With a revamped and very robust new U.S. Department of Health & Epidemics, NoCostCare becomes a competitive national healthcare choice. There is no doubt about the individual and national negative impacts of healthcare costs across America. With a NoCostCare option, Americans can keep any healthcare plan they choose is best for them — or freely use the NoCostCare option with multi-level federal tax breaks to the widest variety of healthcare businesses that lower the high cost of services and products. When healthcare businesses are heavily marketed as a Certified Reputable Provider in the NoCostCare plan, patients will quickly and clearly see a huge savings for consistent high quality care. NoCostCare is a comprehensive national no-cost healthcare choice for citizens with annual incomes of zero-to-$110K for pre-natal to end-of-life medical care. There are no out-of-pocket fees or any deductibles, plus no refusals for any illness or pre-existing conditions. NoCostCare is the 21st century version of a genuine high quality preventative and on-going healthcare service that is focused on the human right of pre-natal to end-of-life care and
 wellness preventative care for all Americans. Money saved by healthier Americans boosts U.S. productivity and greatly strengthens our overall economy. Without any doubt, healthy Americans are far less costly and more productive over a longer lifespan than people deprived of truly affordable NoCostCare. A healthy life is not only a human right, it is also a sustainable stimulus from competent capitalism.


6 ZERO-TO-5% OF ANNUAL INCOME for a college education or new job training.
Passing a Comprehensive Education Act, enables American citizens to pay no more than 5% of their individual income for any level of college education or job training. Citizens without a full or part time income will have no costs. Parents are also reimbursed for daycare and pre-school costs for any of their on-campus college education or training. CEA is specifically set to support citizens earning an individual income between zero and $110K. Anyone individually earning over $110K pays the market rate college costs in their state of residency, or at the out-of-state college they select. All $110K-plus earners are still eligible for federal and state grants or loans. A real high quality education in our capitalist democracy should not require going into debt from profit-driven tuition costs. The multiple trillions of tax dollars we pay into our government, and as tax breaks to private colleges, mandates a genuinely efficient policy of free or very low cost daycare-to-college education for every U.S. citizen. This is another element in a comprehensive plan to strengthen and boost America's economy through the savings, and then the recycling of money back to our economy from realistic lower education costs. Money not spent on an overpriced right to education is money that's reinvested back into America.


7 THIRTY YEARS JAIL TIME for illegal possession or illegal use of any weapon.
Strictly licensed law abiding gun owners should never have to live or die from the threat of criminals, domestic terrorists, a homicidal racist, or a mentally unstable person with easy access to firearms. This can be achieved by federal legislation and information campaigns against unlicensed gun possession or use with a minimum 30 years of imprisonment. When only non-criminal licensed gun owners become predominant in America, anyone in a criminal act or intent possessing a gun or any weaponized item will fear being locked-up for a 30 uninterrupted years. This is 30 years with absolutely no possibility of parole consideration, time off for good behavior, pardons, or any reductions for prior time served. We must modernize American laws to survive our self-destructive U.S gun culture that slaughters over 20-thousand Americans a year. Guns were invented to kill people. People who illegally have guns kill people everyday, more than all of our wars. In reality, if only 2,000 Americans were killed by a foreign adversary — we would surely go to war. It is time for us to get really real about guns — beyond self-serving Constitutional distortions.


8 TRULY AFFORDABLE AND DURABLE resident-owned public housing units.
Mass building of durable energy efficient, family-friendly, single adult, and senior-friendly co-operative apartment buildings and townhouse units that become fully owned by the individual residents. This vision of sustainable, truly affordable, and durably constructed upgraded public housing is also designed to end our current crisis of homelessness. The federally and state funded Home To America program enables a new era of stable resident-owned units, neighborhoods and the better quality of life living that becomes a personal investment in the ''American Dream'' for anyone with a maximum $110K single or $180K joint annual income. After 10 years with a good Reliable Resident Rating, all HTA residents pay 50% of their monthly rent for 10 years to buy their unit. Standardized low rents are 20% of annual incomes, and 10% federally tax deductible. Units can never be sold, leased, sub-leased, or rented to any non-family member. Approved energy-efficient appliances, repairs, renovations and upgrades are also 10% federally tax deductible in Home To America. Homelessness and out of control housing costs cannot remain America's new normal. Saving money while owning and maintaining an affordable housing foundation is the competent capitalism that sustainably strengthens a person, families, communities, as well as our entire national economy — Home To America.


9 AN EXCEPTIONALLY ENGAGED New America of major local-to-global relations.
Bringing back more enlightened, and measurably effective, American diplomacy should also be complemented by more effectively engaging, enhancing and expanding our agricultural and manufacturing sectors to export eco-friendly products. There's now a more widely and diversely developed world where American high quality is deliverable. Most specifically, efforts to empower American family farmers to robustly reconnect to the world with more upgraded commerce and innovative trade policies that are not prone to dysfunctional and domestic political disruptions by any President or legislator. American farmers are also vital to America's long term international, environmental and economic strategies. We must never-ever forget that farmers are also an essential national asset, as nutritious foods are the other geopolitical and geoeconomic policy that reflects the true powers of American democracy. A 21st-into-22nd century presents newer and far larger opportunities. America simply cannot take a back or side seat in a dynamic world that now requires more nuanced and beyond-the-box action plans. As such, small, medium size, and larger farmers are a critically strategic 
U.S. global and domestic economic asset.


10 A 21st-INTO-22nd CENTURY citizen-centric economy and immigration policy.
We must also fully engage and empower every citizen and immigrant as full citizens that can grow the many investments we have all made across a nation that still inspires people to come. Our immigration procrastination must change to an effective policy of quickly turning immigrants into full certified citizens that continue to empower and expand America's domestic economy — while strengthening all of America culturally and socially. We must fortify a principle of leaving no native or newer American behind. More so, 21st century America needs an authentic people empowerment policy from real change that works. Anything less, moderate or incremental is of no sustainable long term benefit — especially across a fast approaching 22nd century. Ultimately, time never respects or rewards nations that squander their true potential, and greatness.

Because People ARE The Economy


President For The New America



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