No Doubt, the bold and daunting choice by an everyday American to run for any elected office, like President, is like choosing to ice skate on the sun. Cue the cynicism, criticism, punditry and media shade about how a 67-year old citizen-voter-taxpayer — other than a ''professional politician'' — is even qualified or justified to be a presidential candidate. Sure, I get it, but don't buy it. Yet, my soul may be less at risk in a mambo with the devil.


In the divisive and deteriorated state of both the Republican and my Democratic party, I am under no illusion about the polluted waters I will tread with integrity and fortitude. My prime and perpetual allegiance will always be to everyday Americans — the cultural, political, and economic roots of my worldview within and far beyond my Harlem.


Beyond The Box of professional politicians, political celebrities and media-hyped icons becoming the norm of what defines a candidate over the last 50 years — I take great comfort in the American tradition, history and Article Two Constitutional requirements for a United States president. This includes inspiration from our earlier presidents like Grant and Eisenhower who ascended without actual political office experience — making highly constructive transformational changes at critical moments in our nation's history.


In Full Disclosure, I take pride in being a Democrat — but, not a status quo party guy. Perhaps, that is apparent in my stoic YouTube channel policy videos, or my secondary ''Not Here To Have A Beer'' campaign theme. Instinctively, I understand that the vast majority of voting and non-voting Americans yearn for a get-shit-done-president, rather than some cardboard candidate trying to be a likeable and pretentious political celebrity.


Surely, As An Avid Voter and DC mayoral candidate over the last 40-plus years, I did believe in the ''hope and change'' to elect authentic public servants that actually served people — rather than themselves and the special interest that pay them. The total reality, beyond the generous taxpayer-funded salaries and benefits we the people pay politicians, also prompted me to be more of an activist-advocate for everyday people. I saw this as the most strategic, constructive and sustainable way to do what lazy politicians didn't do.


Respectfully, I Am Not your father's, uncle's, auntie's or cousin Benny's Democratic Party insider. I know plenty about American political history, plus my 40-plus years of everyday grassroots voter-taxpayer political activism to know that it's all really about people. Party loyalties aside, if shit isn't getting done — and done right — full loyalty will soon exit.


At The End of The Day and Year, politicians are actually taxpayer-paid employees of every taxpaying voter that elected (hired) them. Sadly, too many forget this after Election Day. Thanks to democracy, we can remind them with votes — rather than a guillotine. 


For My Stage and Age, beyond being born and well raised in Harlem-NYC, an Air Force veteran, national radio news journalist, United Nations correspondent, and a former Washington-DC mayoral candidate, I have largely functioned below the radar, today's moronic media hype, and the partisan politricks of local-to-national politics for the last 11 years to focus on being a tenacious economic advocate, focused on everyday people.


Working In Corporate Communications across Wall Street's banking industry, before working in federal and local Washington-DC government, the deeper economic matrix of America's economy and socioeconomic inequality revealed a high-definition truth of how status quo capitalism restricts people and degrades our overall economy's strength. The overriding evidence, 20 years into a new century, is that people are the economy.


People ARE The Economy! That is the whole truth that is now forever self-evident. Even if it also took a pandemic to reveal a dysfunctional underbelly of lame leadership, wrapped in delusions about our economy, infrastructure and overall healthcare supply chain.


Living, Engaging, and Working  22 years across deep south, midwest and southwest America provided greater socioeconomic insights. Everyday lives are more outstanding to me than what is seen externally — or in stereotypes used by those with bigoted agendas. This universal truth, in the root of my Harlem's multi-ethnic multicultural daily experiences and life — where I reside again — empowered me throughout most of six decades.


Over The Last 40 Years — since becoming educated and experienced about the bigger realities of real-world economics and the economy of everyday people at age 27 — the connected patterns of diminishing returns for the majority of working Americans have not improved. Our politicians get elected. The people then get economically shafted until the next election. This is not how competent capitalism is designed or destined to work.


My Experience In Both The Democratic and Republican Parties, and as a District of Columbia and New York City (Harlem) Democrat, I gained over 30 years of very clear and practical non-political insights into why our government does not totally work for everyday hardworking low-income to middle class Americans. I can certify that most public officials prioritize getting elected over truly measurable and aggressive action to serve people.


Get Shit Done and Delivered is my only partisan principle and goal — greatly overriding a more personal guilty pleasure (revealed below*). Beyond my generally progressive and fiscally efficient governance values, it's always going to be about the real needs of people.


A Perspective of Doing For Others, and a broader awareness of others in order to best get things done, complements extensions of former military skills — where fluid strategies, beyond-the-box thinking, situational awareness, and tactical improvisation are essential to an objective. I avidly avoid go-along-to-get-along politics that get little or nothing done.


Across The Government We Pay For, ''the smartest people in the room'' have not been very smart on our behalf. The more tax revenues they collect from us, the less we earn in a struggle with the cost of living in America. Over four decades I've seen the signs. They continue to get bigger. The new normal of our times is taxation without expectation.


The Combination of 40-Plus Years across my professional, political and bureaucracy experiences laid a firm foundation in a very strong belief and vision that competent and efficient governance is the real evidence of authentic leadership. Moreover, it is really all about consistently delivering socioeconomic empowerment to people. From this insight, I am steadfast on the larger and most sustainable truth — that people ARE the economy.


For over three decades I had a front row seat to the pervasive and predictable cynicism that is ready rush in for a beat-down on any notion that real change in America is ever possible — or if today's presidential candidates are actually wired to make real change. For too many the idea of public servants actually serving the public has become hollow. Beyond diverse voter barriers, the stats on diminishing voters are irrefutable evidence.


As The Only 2020 Citizen-Centric Presidential Candidate, I most strongly believe that elected officials are actually 'hired' by voters to competently deliver services funded by the hard earned tax revenues we produce. Anything less, different, incrementally achieved or politicized for partisan Republican or Democratic gain is taxation without expectation. Many voters are now well aware of the go-slow incremental politricks of both parties.


Even I Have Witnessed This Incrementalism as a DC mayoral candidate — used like a slow-acting drug that many politicos employ just to keep getting re-elected over years. If you or your community aren't doing better than the previous election, that's the drug.


No Politician Should Ever Talk about ''getting government off our backs'' without giving details on what they will do with all our hard-earned tax dollars that will no longer be used to govern. Should we wait on a rebate from the officials we employed to serve us?


I Understand From Decades Of First-Hand Experience that elected officials under all conditions have a primary responsibility to deliver measurable good results. Politics are technically secondary as a factor in the strength and length of our economic lives.


I Never Met A Republican Or Democrat, a progressive or any pretentious wannabe plutocrat that was ever okay about being broke with bills. Not even pretentious plutocrats that bamboozle economically damaged Americans to vote them into the Oval Office


When Profits Are Prioritized Over Everyday People who are the true source of wealth, inequity and exponential economic breakdown occurs. Systemic economic dysfunction and despair sets in when people cannot consistently contribute to the economy they have invested in on a daily basis — through their hard-earned tax dollars spent on goods and services. Real living wages are an essential fuel for a functional capitalist democracy.


As A Candidate for President of the United States, focused on prioritizing people over politics and profits, I fundamentally understand that all Americans must always be the highest priority to effectively administer good governance and competent capitalism.


Simply: No Money, No Movement, No Progress! When there is little money to live on in the lives of people, there is a slow flow to blockages in the economic arteries of America. Strains on our pursuit of happiness become the inevitable stroke paralyzing our national spirit and the economy. Exponentially, it triggers wider socioeconomic problems as well.


From 2020 Into A Fast Arriving 22nd Century, sustainable dividends from real change happens because people are the economy. Being a Democrat, doesn't entitle me to your vote. Getting shit done and delivering does. It is the prime actionable non-partisan duty of authentic leadership. Beyond partisan punditry, hype or spin, this is my core principle.


Finally, Since I Lived It — all of the 1960s, 70s, 80s and 90s are truly over. Disco is dead, Reaganism failed, and the hope and change from a baby-kissing President we can have a beer with hasn't delivered the real change we can believe in. Social security might become direct deposits of social insecurity. In 2020, it's really time for REAL CHANGE that works.



President For The New America



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