Election protection must be one of our highest priorities. This priority is the basis of everything that follows in our security, sovereignty and stability. Tamper-proof non-identity voter cards, including very aggressive prosecution of all voter access violations by a new Election Security Agency, can be a formidable protection of democracy.


Voters are in real danger from corrupted partisan insurgents whose parties are clearly in decline. They are engaged in the expanded exploitation and sabotaging of America's electoral democracy. Their unapologetic tactics are engaged in the sabotage of voting systems on a scale far beyond what any foreign adversary is attempting.


These domestic insurgents are surely not patriots, or protectors of the American voter. No true patriot would block, gerrymander or sabotage any citizen's vote. Authentic protectors do not corrupt democracy exclusively for partisan gains and marginal agendas.


An American's inalienable right to unfettered access in casting a vote is evidence of a genuine democratic choice, and a consensus to validate our core values. These true values are under attack by partisan insurgencies seeking to redefine patriotism in order to undermine democracy in America. More than ever, election protection is a key first step.


Protecting our elections will ensure and accelerate the real change across a wide spectrum of economic and social policies that some prefer that our country never repair.


The only reality that matters is preparation, or at least maintaining a 'just in case' mindset. Among the most valuable tools of human development is the civilized ability to be prepared. Building and consistently maintaining a durable climate protection infrastructure, while we simultaneously produce truly renewable energy resources, is clear evidence of preparation versus the procrastination that inevitably made past societies extinct. Millions of living wage new jobs will be the additional long term and sustainable economic benefit.


Opinions and perceptions are not the same as reality when it comes to the power of nature. Over the next 20 years our defiance toward this power will put us to horrifying tests. Acres of scorched earth from rural towns to dense suburbs will become normal. Pandemics will be facilitated by dysfunctions in our normal environmental resources.


Denials about nature's powers will become more extraordinary as counties burn, rare storms increase, cities flood, new epidemic strains spread, and far more people are killed. Politicized or personal opinions are no match for nature's merciless non-partisan wrath. Even for the wealthiest or well connected, there will be no schedule for a direct flight to a livable planet B in any our lifetimes, or our grandchildren's. This is just science fact.


Romans, Aztecs and many past societies no longer exist simply due to endless denials and distractions about the full facts staring them in the face. America is no less vulnerable, as a relatively young 244 year old — comparatively, still developing — western nation.


Our climate emergency won't go away because we choose to normalize ignorance, partisan talking points and short term quarterly profits over our survival as a species.


Over 67 years of life has provided me with the indisputable knowledge that being a man has absolutely nothing to do with any woman's natural human right to choose in her own life, and the unique destiny that only she alone should envision, decide, design, build and sustain. Wiser men already know this. Real men fundamentally understand and practice that we are at our best as support partners in a true partnership with a woman.


What any woman chooses to do with any part of her body, health, mind and soul is no lesser or different than any man's free will to choose in his life. This is the unspoken sacred oath that lesser men choose to ignore for the purpose and politics of controlling and dominating women. Just as most men would never tolerate a woman's domination over them, no woman is obligated or designed to submit her inalienable human rights and innate freedoms to any other mortal.


A lesser man is totally exposed immediately upon thinking, expecting, acting, demanding or even legislating across the inalienable life rights of women. Lesser men invalidate their own humanity and integrity by revealing themselves as insecure, inept, weak and shortsighted in their capability to be a trusted and compassionate partner in supporting a woman's greater and most inalienable human right to own her existence.


There is no credible reward or respect for any man that promotes fear, disrespect, insecurity, humiliation or chaos in any personal or work relationship with a woman. Wiser men know that these acts inevitably destabilize their own objectives and true values.


The challenges and complexities of my own journey to manhood, mostly between 27 and 67, serve as clear and constant reminders of why mutually supportive partnerships are the most durable asset that returns far greater dividends in our relationships with women. As a man, I know that women are a true national asset who are best invested in, respected and protected. Wiser men know this strengthens our long term best interests.


Public school teachers at every grade level struggle for a professional paycheck that validates their essential contribution to our economic progress. Teachers are the primary asset in our economy and global competitiveness. America's economic national security begins in a public school classroom.


Paying public educators less than $40 per hour weakens our academic and economic foundations. As teachers are also denied essential resources and supplies that strengthen higher learning, America's workforce integrity and overall economic stability will diminish.


Narrow insight and dysfunctional educational policy making by our local-to-national leaders — and local broken bureaucracies — are the true source of teachers not being consistently empowered to deliver their very best in classrooms. I thoroughly experienced this first-hand working in the public school superintendency of the nation's capital. 


As a serious matter of our national economic security, there must be a new vision of policy making that prioritizes public school teachers and 21st century educational facilities as necessary to America's success and sustainability, straight into a very fast approaching 22nd century. It's an understatement to say we are behind in empowering our teachers.


Budgets have to be recalibrated to aggressively upgrade and fully fund living wage salaries, academic assets, technological resources, plus irrevocable benefits for public school teachers. By failing teachers, we are failing our children and nation as a whole.


Educational remuneration, not reparations, must take the form of 80 years as an irrevocable $8B annual endowment for all Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). Not educating African slaves was enforced by laws and terrorism. An educated slave was an owner's nightmare. This new Education Empowerment Fund will further advance America throughout this century as more Afromerican contributions and ideas continue to empower all of us. Advanced education for Afromerican students is essential as a major factor across our nation's entire history, full range of developments, and future.


Remuneration, includes funding a new elite HBCU science, technology, engineering, arts and media university, Latimer Institute (Lewis H. Latimer, the actual inventor of a functional light bulb, scientist and engineer). Latimer Institute would be world renowned for required courses in technological innovation, arts, critical thinking, and 6,000 years of Africana history and culture. It would serve as the crown jewel in the HBCU system, and attended by a mosaic of Americans, especially the spectrum of Afromerican students from across the United States, the Americas and Caribbean.


It is now historically indisputable that America's unprecedented rapid global rise is definitively due to African slave labor since the 1400s, and post-slavery contributions by Afromericans. Excluding ancient migrations by African civilizations across the Americas, prior to the United States of America's birth, enslaved and terrorized Africans were traded by both Europeans and Africans. It was a brutal dehumanizing form of early globalization.


The hideous industry of slavery was pivotal to U.S. survival and our nation's present day financial assets. Remuneration more effectively resolves America's exponential sin.


Just as it is an imperative to insure absolute superiority for our military branches in a decisive defense of America, we must pass every aspect of this principle onto how we take care of the men and women who are vital and critically integral to this effort. People will always be the core of our overall defense matrix — no matter how much technology and innovation empowers our military branches. Fully funded resources and services for veterans can never falter at any time. Their life endangering service was a major sacrifice most will never experience. A sacrifice that must not be taken for granted.


Comprehensive healthcare and wrap-around services at the level of the very best hospitals, tools, resources and supporting personnel must always be available to those that are the hard shield of our nation. Innovative wrap-around resources require full and untouchable funding throughout the lives of veterans, active duty defense professionals, and their families that also make necessary sacrifices in a partnership while they serve.


New initiatives to focus on spouses, children and elderly parents of our defenders have to be included in 21st through 22nd century policies for our entire global defense infrastructure. It all begins with the people we entrust to operate, maintain and secure a wide variety of military assets essential to our overall defense posture and freedoms.


A truly superior defense of America cannot be accomplished on the cheap. We must recalibrate and effectively upgrade the universe of long term services our veterans need. By doing so, this truly validates what we mean by ''thank you for your service.'' Veterans and active duty defenders represent who, why and what we value about our democracy.


Regain, restore and aggressively secure democracy from any intentions, acts or policy decisions by any President of the United States, their agents or rogue elements within, behind or beyond the Executive Branch. This presidential proposal of a Congressional Remand Act is a highly aggressive, vigilant and immediate full-stop safeguard to remand complete 1-year control of the Presidency by a structurally equitable non-partisan 4/5ths majority vote in each of the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate.


Less of a 4/5ths majority among the two Legislative branches mandates that the sum total of both Houses be combined to a majority of 3/5ths majority vote across Congress needed to remand control of a president and his entire administration for any and all acts of treason, collusion, entanglements, incompetence or any certified detriments to the governmental, social, and economic security or stability of Americans, our Bill of Rights and Constitution. This is the 21st into 22nd century upgrade that will comprehensively protect the power of the people, plus our inalienable human and democratic rights.


This remand action is taken to secure our entire democracy from any destructive governance by disruptive, foreign, domestic, private or partisan insurgents. Our U.S. Presidency is very vulnerable and can be compromised, or engineered to self-destruct and set to systemically topple larger pillars of our democracy. It would be the end of our nation as we have created it, and intended for it to exist as an authentic people-ruled democracy. In 2020, there are clear and present threats by a variety of non-democratic political, economic, militarized and cultural insurgencies — domestically and externally — with the intent to diminish and dismantle the rights and powers of everyday Americans.


More than ever, it is definitively evident that acts of malicious division, dismantling, destruction, discord and treason can easily occur through internal, external, incremental, and a variety of covert foreign and domestic entities. This vulnerability is now evident.


The Congressional Remand Act is a Constitutionally durable and democratic safeguard by a bolder, more humble, and visionary new president to reinforce and protect the people's democracy we have earned and must vigilantly preserve. It also reinforces the obligations and integrity of the president's accountability to the people and their duly elected representatives — regardless of political affiliations. Within this vision is my early proposal for a co-vice presidency of two vice presidents representing both the House of Representatives and our Senate, as an extra level of checks and balances on our presidency. A co-vice presidency will prove to be most essential to our national continuity and long term stability in an increasingly challenging and dynamic globalized world.

Overall, the Congressional Remand Act proposal serves a higher purpose in our pursuit of happiness and greater greatness, ensuring we the people will remain a totally independent empowered democracy — stronger and better together as a free republic. 


President For The New America



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