2020 Democratic Candidate for President

President Donald Trump Is Merely A Hideous Byproduct of bipartisan broken promises on governance, the economy, living wage inequality, partisan dysfunction and a loss of confidence in the integrity of presidential and local leadership over the last 40-plus years.


The Old Partisan "Thumb-On-The-Scale" Scams in all party politricks still promote the same lame leadership we cannot believe in. Another byproduct is the new normal where living in America is very risky business for every no-check, paycheck-to-paycheck, and middle class American — settling to elect problematic candidates as "public servants."


I Said It In 1980, 2000, 2016 and I'll Say It Again. My myopic party leaders, again want to moonwalk older and newer generations of Democrats into another ''inevitable'' electoral swamp. Why does our hierarchy keep falling for the GOP ''Vulcan mind trick'' which has empowered every version of Republicans to win 6 out 9 presidencies since the 1970s? Without a doubt, I can guarantee this tactical electoral mind trick is in effect in 2020.


Joseph R. Biden Will Not Be Elected as the 46th President of the United States. He is problematic at best. Moreover, he authentically has not fully evolved to the realities of 21st century America's intractable social desperation, pervasive economic disparities, and our now abundantly obvious infrastructural dysfunctions. He has no actionable new vision for a New America, and even less stamina for beyond-the-box boldness to make it happen.


[POST-ELECTION ADDENDUM: I remain concerned about the long term intent and integrity of President-Elect Biden and Vice President-Elect Harris to significantly heal the growing economic and social wounds of our nation. That remains to be seen, considering the relatively short 245 year history of our still relatively young country. We still perpetuate inequity, discrimination, social discord, and death. Our struggles for sustantive and substainable democracy remains elusive, and too far.  Frankly and factually, compared to many of our allies and adveraries with well over 1,000 years of history, experiences and growth, we still have so much more to learn. However, I will remain realistically optimistic — as is my true nature. Moreover, I will continue to be a critically thinking honest voice, with hope that the nation so many of my fellow Americans have contributed to and sacrificed for shows more substantive promise than we have in the past — and the first 20 years of this 21st century. Good luck and much success President Biden and Vice President Harris.]


However, Once Again, the Democratic National Committee of my party is slowly cutting its own throat — in these extraordinary and very dynamic times — with another problematic candidate. The DNC is again fixated on a ''moderate'' POTUS candidate with relatively propped-up Obama adjacent popularity. Critical micro-trends reveal that more voters, since 2008, seek socioeconomically aggressive leaders — especially since 2016. For many this new generation of leaders are also known as ''progressive.''


In The Minds Of My Faltering Party, Joe Biden — not Bernie Sanders, Tulsi Gabbard or even Tom Steyer — represents their version of a feel good moderate candidate. Trump narrowly wins again as voters won't vote enthusiastically for another "inevitable." Even in a pandemic, the DNC prefers a cutout candidate against an incompetent strategic bully. Status quo politicos have increasingly become the Democratic Party's dead weight.


Moreover, If The DNC Is Relying On "The Clyburn Effect" with the "woke" generation, just reference the 2008 Jesse Jackson "cut off his balls" Obama strategy. At 67, I am technically in the "nap" generation that's been "woke" since 1965. In my Harlem and New York City universe, I never learned — nor was I ever taught — to go-along-to-get-along.


Calibrated Aggressive Tactics and Strategies produced measurable real results from a variety of loyal adversaries and straight-up enemies. It is equally applicable to my own party whose better future I am fully invested in — a future to insure they authentially serve the best interest of the voters that continue to keep the faith in true democracy.


Let's Speak On Another Unspoken Truth about that donkey on the table. Our 2020 ''candidates of color'' — Corey Booker, Julián Castro, Tulsi Gabbard, Kamala Harris, and Andrew Yang — were used as the DNC's dubious lures to falling numbers of ''voters of color.'' Frankly, it was a cynical DNC ploy where these earnest exceptionally qualified candidates could be at the dance, but only as backdrop props. Once again, all of us (Democratic) voters got played. Again, the GOP watched us blink, fold and retreat.


There Is An Expanding Voter Demographic that does not care about political labels, party loyalty, statistically skewed polls, or any media-driven candidate hype. They seek authentic systemic socioeconomic changes across America, based on economic, social justice, and environmental issues. They don't want, need or seek a predictably folksy baby-kissing candidate they can drink a beer with — they just want shit fixed.


Shit Not Getting Done is a prime factor for a lack of faith in ''hope and change'' — which has grown exponentially in 24 years as less and less changes, despite hopes and votes.


This Potent Disrespected Demographic is electorally more frustrated, unforgiving and politically informed than most in the Democratic, Republican, third parties, or myopic media polls and news pundits realize. Another election year of more hocus pocus politics, slow-motion leadership, incremental moderate policies, status quo do-little-to-nothing politricks heated us to boiling points of systemic social frustration — before COVID-19.


Like Republicans, Democrats Are Now Seen As Fake and Faulty, as proven by results across 44 years of presidential and state elections — beyond GOP electoral cheating. The "smartest people in the room" have not acted smart for the rest of hard working America.


The Current Pandemic Exposes The True Scope and Depth of what has not been authentically fixed by the usual cast of cutout go-slow moderate candidates who keep getting elected. The party elites keep hyping candidates that don't work for us. Social activism and new social media empowers an increasingly angry and politically-socially diverse American electorate. Politics and politricks have become the partisan poison so many fight to avoid — even when it comes from the so called "like-able" politicians.


If You Can't Or Won't Tell The Truth based on the actual facts of life and living for everyday people — they no longer want to waste their vote or hear from you. The full statistics of decreasing numbers of local, state and national voters certify this truth. For those that want us to vote to get "government off our backs," then give us back our tax dollars no longer needed to operate the government that we pay to serve us. A genuine tax refund.


Taxation Without Expectation is not, has never been, and must never be the true American way. In 2020, we must electorally remind all of our "public servants" — as in servants of the people — of our young nation's most fundamental and self-evident truth.


Moreover, We the People no longer rely on the usual remix of old media, partisan news sources, and wrong-as-hell TV pundits. We've been socioeconomically and politically pissed-off many times by those we elect, pay with tax dollars, and count on to make life better — in our inalienable right to pursue happiness and financial stability in America.


In Our Capitalist Democracy, this is not what competent capitalism looks like.


We Want Our Votes Protected and Respected — the bottom line of our contract with democracy. In 2020, it is abundantly and socioeconomically clear that 2-plus-2 does not and never will equal 22. We truly need durable prosperity from Real Change That Works.

Thursday 7 May 2020

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